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a mural is a painting that is made above the permanent media field and as large as on the wall, ceiling, or other similar fields.
In contrast to the art of graffiti that accentuates only the contents of the writings of the most using spray paint.
For tools that are in use in this mural art of various sorts and a lot of its kind that can transmit the soul artists to art wall murals.

Professional Wall art Mural in Bali History

The art of the mural has been around since the 19th century, situated in Europe many large building full of history is visible in its walls there is a painting of faces of people and activities in the community at the time did.

History mural

History mural

current restaurants, hotels, villas, and many other mural art is glancing in Bali. for the price we are variations depending on the difficulty level of her.

We are the one professional wall art mural in Bali that puts customer satisfaction and art.

Professional Wall art Mural in Bali portfolio

the following is an example of the art of the mural we make for the restaurant, hotel, villa in Bali with the concept of customers who specify :

Update pict mural art August 2017

How do we use the services of your mural in Bali ?

Easy enough, you can send an email or call us and you tell the concept that you will create in the location. for workmanship and prices vary depending on the difficulty level of her.
Our location is in the Denpasar area in monang-maning. We could meet after make appointment at your place or in our place.
We are a professional wall art mural in Bali which will create an atmosphere of your walls to life.

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we use size of square meters for calculation of standard

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