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Are you a hobby of eating seafood and are looking for a seafood supplier in Bali to open a business? Incidentally once you open a review on this one. This time we will share some trusted seafood distributor name in Bali which is suitable for home consumption, Resto, Villa, Warung, supermarket, and even for export scale.

Other names of seafood are Boga Bahari, seafood or seafood. This is the name of food derived from the sea either animal or plant obtained by way of Dipancing, captured directly from the sea or obtained through cultivation. In some countries, the term seafood including marine mammals, clams and also fish that is essentially the habitat is in the sea but then in buenabled in freshwater by fishermen.

Seafood is a food derived from the sea and contains high cholesterol. The term "cholesterol" means the metabolites in which contained sterol fats, found in cell membranes and processed in the blood plasma. Physically, cholesterol is lipid-shaped and quite feared by many people. The public believes that the consumption of high cholesterol seafood will cause certain illnesses when not so. Research proves that seafood is rich in nutritional content that is beneficial to both the health and beauty world. Research proves that seafood is rich in omega 3 content, vitamin A, B6, E, fatty acids, minerals and also proteins.

Some advantages of seafood consumption for health, among others:

  • Reduce depression
  • AIDS Vision
  • Good for cardiovascular health
  • Beautify your skin
  • Overcoming Acne
  • Preventing osteoporosis
  • Reduce weight, etc.

How? You have no doubt to eat seafood?

If you currently want to order seafood for family consumption, or want to open a restaurant/Warung with seafood as the basic ingredient, you should not hesitate anymore. Seafood is scientifically proven to be rich in nutritional content and very good for the body as it is already in the above expressed.

Seafood is seafood with delicious and savory flavours. Seafood is an idol food around the world that can be cooked with a wide variety of cooking recipes and by means of various processing. Seafood can be sold directly post in the net from the sea by fishermen, or obtained through the brokerage of suppliers.

If you are currently on the island of Bali, or already domiciled there and would like to open a resto with seafood basic ingredients, it would be better if you order the ingredients are supplier Bali seafood or Bali seafood distributor. Bali Seafood Distributors provide various types of seafood such as lobster, octopus, clams, shrimp, squid, tuna, and so forth. Of course, seafood provided is quality seafood. Freshness of the ingredient is awake, not toxic because it has been clinically tested, get maximum treatment ranging from cooling to packaging, especially for seafood exports. Yes, Bali seafood suppliers not only serve domestic buyers only but also serve the demand from abroad. As we know that Indonesia is a maritime country with the wealth of the sea that is the target of all countries.

If you want to get a seafood distributor in Bali that is classy and prioritizes customer satisfaction, please contact us to become your seafood Supplier in Bali and outside Bali.

Here are some products from our Seafood Supplier in Bali


Seafood Salmon
Salmon fish is a nation of fish from the family Salmonidae. Other fish that one same family salmon is trout. The difference is on the evacuation of live salmon than with trout dwelling. Live salmon in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Commonly, salmon is anadromous type varieties, is a class that moved to grow flowers. Salmon born in freshwater bahar, move to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. There is something belief that the salmon is always back to a similar location where he was born for growing flowers. Research proves that way, but the background why the condition is happening and how salmon can perpetuate the memory is still a question mark.


Bali Tuna Supplier
Tuna is a pelagic sea fish which belongs to Thunnini Nation, consisting of a part of the family skombride, especially the type of Thunnus. This fish is a reliable swimmer (measured near 77 kilometers/hour). Unlike the majority of the fish that have white meat, tuna meat is red to dark red. This condition is more abundant tuna muscles are storing myoglobin than other fish. Several classes of larger tuna, kayaking the Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), was able to increase the air temperature of his blood over the air temperature with the activity of his muscles. This condition resulted in them being able to live in a cooler water and can settle in a variety of situations. Large-body majority, tuna is a fish that has high selling numbers.


Gindara Fish
Gindara fish, it seems that the minus refers to the nickname of this fish. Gindara Fish alone is one class of sea fish or brackish water that is approaching a kind of cob fish. Gindara fish seagrass in natural of can reach a weight up to 50 kg more. This fish is also known for the word dedemite, because the variety and shape that impressed scary. In addition to this fish there are various scales black and then sharp.

Not only often spelled out with a ghost fish, some regions in Indonesia mentioned this fish as fish of the Kings and Opu. will be a personal universal level, Gindara fish bears the mention of Escolar fish aka Ikan Escobar. Gindara Fish is a model of the famous fish fierce Kala dipancing, as well as being able to drag the fishermen Sumbuk if it is large size. In Indonesia individually, Gindara fish classes can be found on the Sulawesi Ocean, which is in the Selayar archipelago region and is one of the rare fish models. Unstruck, if the result of the artificial fish is processed same category made in Makassar Special, similar to gulai and cooked yellow.


Supplier Lobster
Lobster is an invertebrate with a hard outer supporter. An average kind of arthropod, lobster needs to transcend several thresholds of skin changes to grow. At that time they were very vulnerable. During the molting process, some types change pattern. The lobster has 10 feet, three pairs of front where the first one is larger than the other.

On the head of a lobster antenna, mandibular as a food shredder, maxilla as a sense of taste food. As lobster lives within the murky area at the base of the sea, they majority use their antennas into sensors. Lobster eyes have a reflective shape over the convex retina.

Lobster, similar to snail and spider, has a blue blood because of the existence of haemocyanin containing copper. Lobster has something green hepatopancreas, arguably Tomalley by the chefs, who serve as the hearts of animals as well as the pancreas.



Shrimp supplier in Bali

If you want to find shrimp supplier in Bali means you get into the right website. We are one of the most arguably shrimp supplier with cheap price as well as quality. Shrimp that we sell is still very fresh so the quality and taste of our shrimp can you prove.

Shrimp is a living fauna in Bahar, especially times, sea, or lake. Shrimp can be found in almost any puddle of large-dimensional water either freshwater, brackish water, or salted water at varying intensity, from near the plain to several thousand m below the surface.

Similar kind of other seafood, many prawns will be calcium as well as protein but little energy. Foods that are especially shrimp is a cholesterol base. As a complement, shrimps found rather the perfect form.



We also sell various types of crabs. For those of you who are confused looking for a crab seller in Bali with a cheap price, you can contact us from now on. We sell various crabs such as crab Soka, mangrove crab, Rajungan, and other crabs. Crab that we sell still life so the content of crabs is still assured.

Crabs are in all the oceans of the Earth. There are also freshwater and ground crabs, particularly in tropical areas. The King is a crab that lives in the waters of the sea and goes a little to the coast, but YuYu is the king of the unsalted Bahar (as well as the lake).

Crabs also have benefits for the body: it contains vitamin B12, Omega 3, Zinc, but it is worth consuming crabs do not often often let alone with the fried because it has a fairly high cholesterol of 76 mg/100gr.

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